On a very rainy Saturday, I felt the need to make a much anticipated trip to Massachusetts. The reason why am I here? His name is Estee Nack of Lynn, MA by way of Republica Dominicana. The “Welcome Home Summer” show is happening tonight to celebrate the journey to his official debut album release on arguably 1 of hip-hop’s top 3 record labels today, Griselda Records. Curated by Westside Gunn, this Dominican God (knows he’s a Blackman) might not be notable as of yet to the pop commercial world, but very well known in our underworld hip-hop circuit for a bit over a decade now. 

In the past Estee is known for the work put in with his group, Tragic Allies. But in recent years, Nack’s been on a crazy frenzy, dropping so many projects, from albums to EPs, growing his endless catalog. Plus entire LP’s produced by Superior, Grubby Paws, VDon, Sadhugold and way too many others. With a bunch of back to back duo projects with his young protege, al.divino, these two are like Batman and Robin. Them along with Nack’s Mini Mansion frequent collaborative army of primos, Mr Rose, The Mellos, The Hidden Character, Bori Rock, Code Nine, among others, make them all a new strong force unlocking these characters like a new Wu vibration of numerous personalities.

Estee has a slew of tracks with the cultures finest from Rome Streetz, VDon, Rigz, Eto, Daniel Son, Starker, Raz Fresco, Sauce Heist, to numerous appearances on Westside Gunn’s latest projects (from HWH7 from 3 years ago) til now. So it’s no surprise to Griselda fans they’d witness a full album project see the light of day from this duo of masterminds entitled “NACKSAW” (named after popular wrestler Hacksaw Jim Duggan). They’ve apparently maintained a great relationship and chemistry over the years, plus for the culture’s sake, we definitely needed this type of rawness.

Upon entering the performing arts building on Exchange Street, I met a young photographer, from Story To Tell Prod., who was like me in there, lost. The flyer said parking entrance at the back but didn’t mean the doors to the event was there too. We learnt the hard way as entering probably 3 or 4 different rooms, that obviously wasn’t what we came here for. It got to the point he said, “let me ask them” and I stopped him like, nah don’t even do it. That’s just how different these people appeared as they were drapped in weird attire settings.

The openers all rocked the stage from the event’s amazing DJ, Slip Wax, who totally destroyed his set in a very great way from beginning to the end, to the MC’s, Tyler Lovett, TeaTheTruth, Kashi2x, The Mellos, Bori Rock, The Musalini, Starker, al.divino, and can’t forget the host with the most, Mr PSA, who kept the energy going all night long. One of the highlights of the night came during Bori’s set when the FLY GOD, Westside Gunn, known nowadays as SUPERFLYGOD, had the crowd buggin’, shouting “CONO”. Gunn didn’t have to perform as he chilled amongst the crowd watching the NACKMAN demolish that microphone during his performance with young divino. Although Nack’s on the more chubby side, he moves like us skinny brothers on that stage. Both him and divino’s verbal gymnastics had the packed audience flippin’ til wee hours of the morning. 

The vibes didn’t start nor end there either, as they stood til probably pass 3-4am shooting music videos off NACKSAW in back of the performing arts parking lot. Prior to their gig in Lynn, they just flew in fresh from Miami, shooting in lavish suites with people like Gumbo’s own Luka Braze. The very next day their shooting more vids at the chicken spot in the hoods of Lynn with WSG directing scenes. Wow, what A Heav Of A Night, Estee Nack’s “NACKSAW JIM DUGGAN”, is out now on Griselda Records. More photos and visuals coming soon.

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I’ve arrived in Charlotte, NC, aka The Queen City, North CACKALAKA, to bear witness live in person of this legendary event that’s about to bring some of hip-hop’s greatest DJ’s/producers to ever do it. Don’t believe the over-hype, this def isn’t a verzuz battle, but very similar to how verzuz started, when they had RZA vs. DJ Premier. A much more intricate setting, groomed for us real hip-hop enthusiasts and purists, focusing on the sound architects that created these soundtracks to our hip-hop lives.

The flyer said it all as the genius, Gene Brown, summoned these 6 living legends to go head to head, showcasing some of their hits and bangin’ discographies that some of us either grew up to and/or shared memories with loved ones. It reads, The Gene Brown Beatdown presents Easy Mo Bee (of R.I.F. aka Rappin Is Fundamental) vs. Buckwild (of D.I.T.C aka Diggin’ In The Crates crew). Also added to the line-up is, Apollo Brown vs. Marco Polo, and Statik Selektah vs. Scram Jones.

The GB Beatdown is already largely known and respected for their vinyl swap meets featuring legendary DJ’s, diggers, & producers worldwide. So this was a special occasion to further celebrate our groove masters, literally, as Mo Bee brought the wax/vinyl. And what better place to make it happen then in Gene’s hometown in Queen City, at non-other than the QC Soundstage.

This particular line-up is interesting b/c Easy Mo Bee has more hit records than Buckwild. By him producing 6 classic tracks off “Ready To Die” by The Notorious B.I.G., that alone keeps him in a special place. But Buckwild, on the other hand, is a beast. Buck always had a long and respected, well-rounded abundance of familiar singles, album cuts, and nearly fully produced albums in the 90’s-00’s, before they (MC/producer albums) were a cool project idea today, from NYC’s best artists of all time, including commercial hit songs such as “Whoa” by Black Rob & Biggie’s “I Got A Story To Tell”, respectively.

Got there at 7:30ish since it’s says doors at 8. Chilled, n red my book, now it’s like after 8:30, and then about 9pm, we finally enter the huge multi-floored ballroom. They jacked (confiscated) and tossed all lighters and vapes in the trash, so I said goodbye to mine. 

Opening sets by DJ Justice, killin’ dem breaks (origin samples) like no other, taking us through memory lane, from James Brown to Bob James, seamlessly. Underground veterans J-Live & Rasheed Chapelle turnt it up a notch, getting the crowd more anxious. But as the crowd grew more and more eager to see the legends Easy Mo Bee vs. Buckwild, it kind of felt like everything was dragging and taking forever. It got to the point where their openers, other producer icons on the bill, Apollo Brown vs. Marco Polo, DJ’s Statik Selektah vs. Scram Jones, from Shade45, were in the way. These 4 guys played nothing familiar to our ears, not even those Eminem verses by Statik and Scram could save the day. Freddie Foxxx even peeped the BS so he skipped the line to perform “Industry Shakedown”, while the building still was packed out with no room to even fight.

The only main issue was punctuality.  The timing was super off, and by the time the headliners hit the stage, more than half of the people left the building. There was a young man in his 20s, with his mother in attendance telling me he couldn’t wait to hear “Warning” (produced by Mo Bee), after I asked him what song he looked forward to. He was gone as well, meaning he didn’t get to see and feel the moment he came here for. But the last of us who remained either seated or standing for over 6 hours before Buckwild battled Easy Mo Bee, were not let down as Easy set it off with the Lost Boys’ classic anthem “Lex, Coups, Beamers & Benz” to  Buckwild keeping it in Queens with one of my favorite Mic Geronimo cuts ever, “Masta I.C.” I’m still wishing Buck would have played “Put It On” by Big L instead of “Danger Zone” plus a few Organized Konfusion jams rather than other selections from his endless library. 

Littified moments include when Easy Mo Bee rocked “Another Victory” by Big Daddy Kane, Buckwild rockin’ “Times Up” by O.C., special surprise guests performances by legends Diamond D & Freddy Foxxx aka Bumpy Knuckles doing “Industry Shakedown” plus SkyZoo, Termanology & Reks destroying the stage. What a heav of a night! #HeavOfANight #djemmoogun #thundaground #thundagroundnights #northcarolina #charlottenorthcarolina

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The Best Of Emmo

Here’s a few songs compiled to celebrate our very first event going down (tonight) since the world literally shut down in 2020. A lil over 2 years ago our last event fell right on that dreadful Friday the 13th of March. I seen with my own three eyes the news channels turn some of who we thought were the most fearless into full fledge shook ones. Even though more than half of our staff and attendees pussied out, I still made sure our gig went down on that day. If you’re in the NYC area, RSVP for tonight’s private party packed with treats, music, food, dank, give-aways in Mecca aka Harlem thundaground@gmail.com or @THUNDAGROUND ON IG

In the meantime enjoy this quick compilation of some projects I’ve been apart of, witnessed in person, produced, managed, promoted, executive produced, DJed (cuts & scratches), did artwork as the illustrator, and/or released on my indie label and management company, Cajo! Communications.

  • L.I.F.E.LONG – The Facts Of Life (Released on Cajo!/Executive Producer/performed cuts and scratches)
  • 2 for 5 – Whatz Ya Naim?! (Released on Cajo!/Executive Producer) (2 For 5 is Ace Lover, Oktober and Producer DJ SPIER1200)
  • Loer Velocity feat. Oktober, L.I.F.E.LONG & Vast Air (Cannibal Ox) – Industry Standard (Prod. by AllThoseMuthafuckineReasons aka Prince BE of PM dawn)(Released on Cajo!/Executive Producer)
  • As a college undergraduate student running our radio show, the underground legend Mr. Complex gave us a shot as we hosted his debut discography album “The Complex Catalog” while interviewing him live on the airwaves of WUSB 90.1 FM over 20 years ago.
  • Gauge The Mental Murderer – Insane / Bring It To Me (feat. Phantasm of Cella Dwellas & Special Ed) (Handled Illustration/Artwork FLATBUSH STYLE)
  • Cannibal Ox – Battle for Asgard (Management for L.I.F.E.Long handled all business and personal administrations)
  • Antipop consortium – What Am I (feat. Pharoahe Monch/Organized Confusion & L.I.F.E.Long) 
  • (Management for L.I.F.E.Long handled all business and personal administrations)
  • Scienz Of Life – Ghettos to Galaxies & Back to Galaxies feat. L.I.F.E.Long & Loer Velocity
  • (Management for L.I.F.E.Long & Loer handled all business and personal administrations)
  • The Ancients – Off The Meter feat. Loer Velocity (Management for Loer Velocity handled all business and personal administrations)
  • Ace Lover feat. Writers Guild (Loer & L.I.F.E.) – Classic Characters(Management for Ace, Loer L.I.F.E.Long handled all business and personal administrations)
  • Mood Swingaz – Primetime (Prod. by Prince BE/PM Dawn) (Management for Ace Lover & Mood Swingaz handled all business and personal administrations)
  • DJ Emmo Ogun & Shongodi – My Peeps (Prod. by emmo) off the “Master Cipher 6: Equality” EP
  • MASTER CIPHER 6: EQUALITY EP (Prod. entirely by emmo)
  • Oktober feat. E:Regulah & Big Twinz – Tri-Boro (Released on Cajo!/Executive Producer)
  • Oktober – Cell Block (Released on Cajo!/Executive Producer)

2 For 5 feat. E:REG – All Day (Released on Cajo!/Executive Producer)

  • Ace Lover – Weed Spots (This was the 1st record I started Mgmt for Ace Lover, handled all business and personal administrations)
  • Ace Lover & The Outfit – Ridin’ Thru The Stuy (Executive Producer/performed cuts and scratches) PLUS: VIDEO BELOW
  • KRS-ONE & KOOL HERC HIP-HOP APPRECIATION AWARD CEREMONY at Santos Party House (May 2009) (Executive Producer/Promoter/Booked Entire Event)
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ALL7VEN Part 2

ALL7VEN Part 2

Last month I started an article series called ALL7VEN, highlighting the TOP 7 artists at the moment in my headphones, speakers, phone & psychy. Something similar to dat #TheTop5NewLive piece that was built on not too long ago.

As my procrastinating non file saving foolish self tried to let it loose 2 days ago on my boy Big Perm Herm’s b-day right here on TG, in a blink of an eye, while on the phone doing about 3 other things at same time, gone, lost Part 2 (the article version) in the ether.

In the meantime here’s the visual version without any text and hopefully in time ASAP, the original Part 2 (along with a revamped article) of ALL7VEN ARTISTS PART 2, will reappear.

ALL7VEN of these artists are helping keep this hip-hop alive and well. It’s only right n exact that we zoom into their zones for a hot sec now shall we. Read More…





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DJ Emmo The Souljah feat. DJ Mr. G – Set It

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RJ Payne – Leatherface (Album Stream)

Support Benny’s new artist, officially now a Black Soprano Family member, RJ Payne directly right here. 

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