Posted by: thundaworld | October 18, 2017

R.I.P. Voodoo Ray

Very sadden by the news as I read my friend’s facebook post today that our legendary friend within our club scene and community here in NYC, the dancer, choreographer, trendsetter, promoter, and all around great guy, Voodoo Ray, passed at the age of 50. Ray always had the illest smile in the spot and made everyone feel at home, especially at Toca Tuesdays, the weekly hangout spot for us for close to 10 years now. I always said “peace/wassup” and gave him a handshake pound every chance I got b/c his positive energy always shined. He just hosted Diamond D’s classic 25th Anniversary showcase at BB Kings few weeks ago looking perfectly healthy as usual chillin’ on stage getting the crowd pumped and laughing with his clever generational rants. He even attended the same high-school as my sister, Fashion Industries, and was a known for his amazing foot-stepping techniques. I haven’t even attended Toca Tuesdays at Cielo since it been there, following The Delancy, but nothing will beat them great times at Sutra, the club where T.Tuesdays really was rocking, where we chilled in that narrow venue and smoke cheeba all the way in the back. Regulars back there would be heads like DJ Kool Herc, the father of hip-hop breaks, as well as Danny Castro, of Lyricist Lounge, Ray’s longtime partner, along with DJ Tony Touch of course, Crazy Legs, you never know who you’d run into in that spot, but that just brings back memories of our homie Voodoo Ray, we Salute you bro. R.I.P. 


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