Posted by: thundaworld | June 3, 2017

R.I.P. Educated Rapper – EMD (U.T.F.O.)

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This is buggin’ me out because I was just telling few people last month about this guy who lived a block away from me in Flatbush named Educated Rapper. He was in a group from years back called U.T.F.O. and often collaborated with The Real Roxanne (who’s affiliation automatically connected them to Roxanne Shante’s attack, Full Force as well as Lisa Lisa & The Cult Jam. I bragged about his name alone like “imagine having an rapper/MC named Educated Rapper as a child?” His longtime partners, DJ Mix Master Ice & Kangol, shared via social media that on June 3rd, my bornday, we lost the Educated Rapper. Rest In Paradise Beloved!
Mix MasterIce

God’s will be done..
Peaceful Journey my brother..
Farewell & Salute..
R.I.P. Jeff

“Yo EMD , yo whats up man
Check out the girl they call Roxanne “

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