Posted by: thundaworld | May 10, 2017

Culture Power 45 – Fruition

Culture Power 45 are making their mark for presenting quality vinyl releases for their fans.  Their limited vinyl releases have sold out online and in turn their fans are anticipating more great music.  The talented collective of artists has put together a great compilation titled, “Fruition” which is only available on vinyl.  The new project features tracks from Infinito 2017, Thaione Davis, L.I.F.E Long, Max Ptah feat. Blueprint, Radius, and Rashid Hadee to name a few. 

Fruition serves as a platform for showcasing the artists associated with Culture Power 45, the title lends itself to the experience of the collective as each song is a piece of the whole which manifested the project. Artists working together professionally, creatively, and financially to bear fruit is what Fruition is all about. The Fruition intro is a snippet of an actual phone conference held monthly and sets the listener up for a journey via precise lyrics and tight beats. Take for instance the Tall Black Guy produced News Flash Pt. 2 from 80’s Babies with Dee Jackson featuring Chicago mainstay Thaione Davis where the two pose as modern day news anchors alerting the listener to the constant ills of a residing in a violence driven politically oppressed environment. Staying true to the Culture Power 45 mission, Fruition is only available on vinyl.

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