Posted by: thundaworld | February 7, 2017

B.E.N.N.Y. Officially Signs to Griselda Records GxFR (News)

“me, wes, n benny like the old lox”Conway

Longtime affiliate of one the hottest movements in hip-hop right about now, GxFR aka Griselda Records, is B.E.N.N.Y., and has officially signed with his “day ones”. Many, included myself, first got familiar with his flow on that FLYGOD album last year by his childhood friend and S.E.Gang partner WestSideGunn & then on Conway’s Reject 2 album same year. Ever since then Ben’s just been smashing dem. Remember, Con & WSG are a duo called Hall N Nash on my Top5NewLive article.

They started many years ago prior as S.E.Gang, straight outta Buffalo, NY with Machine Gun Black, who passed away. Shortly after, W.S.G. went upstate to prison then Conway got shot few times nearly facing death himself. It’s a bitter-sweet celebration for the trio, especially from the tribulations that tested their dedication, strength and loyalty to each other. This is actually what makes legends such as The LOX stand out from other crews (who prove over and over that loyalty is royalty) and that’s what we like to see. Now hopefully we’ll get an entire project produced by Daringer and the Poetical Goddess energy from Keisha Plum.

B.E.N.N.Y. details on instagram: 

“I inked wit my day ones Griselda records knew these niggas my whole life it’s jus happen he my big Buzz an it’s the hottest movement period…its official paperwork all done…GXFR…we bout to go extra hard…stayin focused an keepin my pen sharp…upper echelon…legends like me Wess an Con”

Listen to BENNY’s 2 latest projects My First Brick & 17 Bullets out right now and look forward for much more bangin’ NY state gritty gangsta music to come.



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