Posted by: thundaworld | January 1, 2017

DJ Emmo Present The Cinemites (Freestyle)

dj-emmo-new-stickerI believe we did this for my radio show’s anniversary (The Eminent Audio Show) in 2003 or 2004 not sure off the C.A.J.O. (Coolest Alliance Jumpin’ Off) mixtape Volume 1.

But surely my BMW (Brooklyn Most Wanted) fellaz, The Cinemites (PG Lock & Flex Nugget) straightup bodied these verses str8 outta Cock-Back-East-Flatbush, big up to the entire 90’s and 50’s, etc all Brooklyn period. Their styles are still unique, distinct and clearly untouched as I never ran with any biting MC’s! Most of this wasn’t even written, off the dome on the spot steez.


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