Posted by: thundaworld | December 29, 2016

VOTE NOW: #TheTop5NewLive of NY: The Top 5 Best New Rappers of New York

While we’re at it with the voting polls this year, here’s another one featuring another 8 MC’s as 2 must go!

Who’s REALLY #TheTop5NewLive of NY’s Hottest Rappers that’s been doing it for at least 5 years?

The choices this time are from 7 of our favorite New Yorkers today:

Smoke Dza (Harlem)

Joey Badass (Brooklyn)

Troy Ave (Brooklyn)

Homeboy Sandman (Queens)

Chris Rivers (The Bronx)

Bodega Bamz (Harlem)

Action Bronson (Queens)

Meyhem Lauren (Queens)

Wow, this a hard one (pause), but somebody gotta do it. Again, results are in top of the year on Jan. 1st, 2017! VOTE NOW!


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