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#TheTopFiveNewLive: The Top 5 Best NEW New York Rappers Today (by dj emmo ogun)

The Top Five New Live
by dj emmo ogun

Criteria for the Top 5 are:
-Obviously from NY born & raised,
-Made a break through no more than 2 to 3 yrs ago or less (so the 2013/2014 timeframe),
-Have 1 or more projects out that ppl actually care about. These days just about anyone can apply for digital distribution services that gets your music sold on iTunes and other digital shops, but most of these projects are just collecting digital dust. The ppl I’m talking about are die hard fans, so just look at the chosen 5’s (including nominees’) social media online, whether on fb, ig, twitter, youtube, soundcloud, etc. with real followers. Having a large amount of followers of course isn’t really the most important factor, but it surely backs this article up, showing you that I’m not the only person checking for the next best thing from New York.

Throughout the year I’ve often ran into barriers during conversation when asked, “who’s the best new rappers straight outta New York?” Especially if I was to ask you to give me a top 5. After several chats here and there about who’s really hot from the rotten apple regarding MC’S, this topic grew more interesting to me. Just the other day a 16 year old from The Bronx told me he doesn’t even listen to New York rappers. He later revealed that he listens to at least 2 artists on this #TTFNL list, presented right here. Older heads tell me there’s absolutely no one from N.Y. worth their time. DJ Premier spoke recently about the state of NY MC’s & Nas broke down his Top 5 of today.

So instead if dwelling in frustration, I’ve decided to delve a bit more on this. It’s a pretty touchy subject in today’s hip-hop climate, especially in New York where rap music originated.

I remember nearly getting cursed out 3 yrs ago when I told another “hip-hop enthusiast” that Bobby Shmurda’s breakthrough hit “Hot Nigga” single handedly resurrected New York City back on the map. We can agree to disagree that them GS9 boys put New York City back on the radio, in clubs and everywhere else in between without actually sounding like a Dirty South/Strip club track the way that French Montana & very few others from NY dominated those arenas.

Always remember, hip-hop music as a career path isn’t the easiest to enter. It’s like the barbaric motion picture “300”, jam packed with majority of men fighting in a sea of sword-fights happening all at the same time.  Lets face it, hip-hop is very unbalanced these days unlike 20 years ago where it wasn’t just a bunch of criminals mostly giving us either another crime saga or horror story about their life experiences supposedly. As you see this type of energy easily leaks into real examples around us due to too much testosterone in the frequencies because hip-hop parallels life.

I was born and raised in NYC, so apparently grew a bit of concern about what’s going on. Nope, we will not waste your precious reading time discussing anything that any one of these “Lil’s” or “Young’s” said unless it’s Brooklyn’s Young M.A, I mean, she’s number 1 on the list for obvious reasons besides being a female on our “ladies first” gentlemen steez.

Young M.A. is so Brooklyn she makes it obvious when she spits flames for days with a mean demeanor filled with hard bars and witty punchlines. Phat Gary (DJ Premier’s partner) told warned us about her back in 2013-14 when the PRhyme album dropped and since then been steady gaining momentum with her killer freestyles like that “Chiraq” & “Quiet Storm”, her debut hit record “Ooouuu” plus a brand new heater entitled “Eat.”

Dave East has that chill type of brotherly hood vibe from Harlem, similar to the way we felt towards Nasty Nas early on in his career back when “Halftime” dropped, except we compared him to Rakim. It might not be a coincidence that Nas has been co-signing Dave for at least 2 years now, equipped with a major label debut album on Def Jam executive produced by Mr. Jones himself. 

A-Boogie Wit Da Hoodie is definitely a crowd favorite amongst our youth today from The Bronx, New York. His melodic floetic melodies seems to have kids and adults from all over signing along to hits like “Bag On Me” & “My Shit” and he’s surely not slowing down anytime soon.

Hall N Nash (WestSideGunn & Conway) are actually 2 solo artists who happen to be siblings a year apart hailing from Buffalo, New York. Their loyalty and dedication to each other perceives them as one to me, and when Hall N Nash 2 drops next year entirely produced by The Alchemist, you’ll get the drift. Many already call them ” the new Rae & Ghost” and in my opinion, these brothers are the best newest and grimiest dynamic duo, period. Especially the way they go back and forth, reminds me of how Smif N Wessun or M.O.P. did it flawlessly in the 90’s. But as Conway says “Fuck ya top lists!”

When it came to the final artist to be listed as the 5th and last #Top5NewLive entry, it came to a standstill. I could have created a Top 7 list right? But seven didn’t rhyme the way “five” and “live” strived to be undeprived. I decided to get you, the viewer, the reader, part of the reason why I do this, besides to entertain myself, involved. To even out things, I’ve created a poll system to vote for who you think should fill that last spot.

#TheTopFiveNewLive #TheTop5NewLive #DjEmmoTop5NewLive

The poll winner will be announced at the top of the new year, in 1 week, Sunday, January 2017, and #TTFNL will be completed by you! Thanks, Merry Xmas #HappyHollatchaHomie!

UPDATED: While we’re at it, here’s another poll featuring another 7 MC’s as 2 must go!

While we’re at it, here’s another one featuring another 7 MC’s as 2 must go!

Who’s REALLY #TheTop5NewLive of NY’s Hottest Rappers that’s been doing it for at least 5 years?

The choices this time are from 7 of our favorite New Yorkers today:

Smoke Dza (Harlem)

Joey Badass (Brooklyn)

Troy Ave (Brooklyn)

Homeboy Sandman (Queens)

Chris Rivers (The Bronx)

Bodega Bamz (Harlem)

Action Bronson (Queens)

Meyhem Lauren (Queens)




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