Posted by: thundaworld | December 7, 2016

Red Pill Co-Signs J. Cole’s “False Prophets” Then Goes In On Kanye West (Video) x Red Pill – Scorpion King (Album)


Our Brother Red Pillar talks to Underground Railroad’s Bro Rich and weighs in on Kanye and his multiple personalities as a gemini and compares him to Trump. Red says Ye changed after his mom passed also calls out his circle as yesmen including Jay Z and Jay Electronica implying he “has fallen from greatness” while decoding how and why “yesmen” exists. Pill also co-signs J Cole’s “False Prophets” and adds that Kanye has homo tendencies.

Ultimately shedding light that the solution is loyal companionship with the right people, even if it’s just one single person. Around the 20:55 mark he’s right and exact, stating “you need to be on some Methodman shit, you need to roll dolo from state to state” until you find one!

Also included is Red’s new project “Scorpion King” stream and support it here and here


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