Posted by: thundaworld | December 7, 2016

DJ Premier Talks The State of New York Rappers (Video)

“I like Future, but I don’t want to do that style & I’m not going to do that style b/c I don’t need to!”

The God of Hip-Hop Beats (along with Pete Rock of course) sat down with Planes and Pigeons and discussed the present state of NY rap from his perspective. Primo mentions the hefty amount of new music coming from so many “Joeschoes” (what I like to call them lol) presently in the rap game flooding the market with horrible versions of the style and sounds we grew up to. Preem also mentions the wack trap music that currently has NY/NJ artists sounded like other regions to the point where we’re surprised to know that the artist is from here.

He noted a few NY spittaz doing their thing such as Joey Badass, Dave East & Young M.A., whom his former manager, Phat Gary told/warned us about years ago even before the end of Headquartaz/old D&D Studios around the time Premier’s PRhyme LP dropped in 2014 w/ Royce 5-9.

This was a great read and clip b/c everytime I ask heads, “who’s the Top 3 or Top 5 new rappers doin’ it up out here?”, most get puzzled up. So few weeks ago I thought of dropping my version of The Best Top 5 New NY towards end of the year, stay tuned for that as well as Primo’s upcoming LP with the legendary MC Eiht of Compton’s Most Wanted, and a new solo album and documentary starring favorites like Nas & Jay Z detailing the history of D&D/Headquartaz studio entitled “Last Session at 320.”


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