Posted by: thundaworld | November 28, 2016

Aloe Blacc – Real Slow (Single) x Emanon (Aloe Blacc & Exile) – Dystopia (Album)


Last week Aloe Blacc reunited with his production partner Exile as the duo Emanon; and released their first project in 11 years (Dystopia) see below, he also dropped one of his few solo songs this year, “Real Slow.”

The song is produced by DJ Khalil of Self Scientific and Sam Barsh, the same duo who also produced Aloe’s “The Man” — one of his most successful mainstream songs of his career.

Listen to Dystopia below, and purchase on iTunes.

Rewind back in the mid 90’s, West Coast Cali heads Exile and Aloe Blacc formed an underground group called Emanon. College radio shows like ours (The Eminent Audio Show/The Basement Show) is where the love came from, plus other turntablists shows/crews showed crazy support for the duo. That’s why it’s even more wonderful to see them progress as solo artists and get back together after 11 years.



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