Posted by: thundaworld | September 17, 2015

#TGTHROWBACK: Strickly Roots feat. Fat Joe & Grand Puba – Beg No Friends (Video) x Broadway – Must Stay Paid (Video) x Strickly Roots- Duck Da Boyz (Video)

I was chatting with this thick ass chic on fbook who says she knows R.M.R. of Strickly Roots and at first was like “never heard of him”, but then when she mentioned his partner Broadway, I was like “oh yeah I def know RMR the diesel guy” lol. This made me wanna peep, reminisce and post these 3 true school hip-hop “grimey era” or more famously coined “boom bap” visuals from back in “the 90’s” days for a #TGThrowBackThursday edition. Also included below is Broadway’s debut solo cut with The Blastmaster KRS, released on Nervous Records, back when Kris ran shit over there along with Funk Flex. Salute those good ol’ days when #JustoFaison (Rest In Power) was alive and interns such as Wes Jackson got his start up (founder of #BKHipHopFest). I also threw up “Duck The Boys in Blue” well, for obvious reasons.


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