Posted by: thundaworld | June 9, 2015

Rest In Peace: Pumpkinhead


You can donate to the memorial fund for Robert “PH” Diaz here.

Extremely sad news today as we mourn the loss of our friend PH aka Pumpkinhead. I just got the text literally 5 minutes ago from Shabaam Sahdeeq. No word on how, where or why this happened but we send our condolences to the 2 children & wife PH left behind, his family and friends. I remember the first time hearing about PH years before we physically met at Max’n Records while Wes Jackson worked there, then eventually had him as our radio station guest back in 1996 while we were all still in school/college. He had a strong reputation for his powerful bars way even before I heard anything from him.

PH went on to being the co-founder of Makin’ Records with O.T. (Over Time) and had a fresh roster of artists such as: Natural Resources (Ocean, DJ Gaby & WhatWhat aka Jean Grae), The Bad Seed, Medina Green (DCU, Cash & Mos Def aka Yaasin Bey), Ces (of Urban Thermo Dynamics aka UTD’s), Pokaface & others up in the Clinton Hill section of Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn. I remember working doing radio promo at Raw Shack/Karmis Records on Washington and Atlantic Ave, DJ Spinna & Kriminal had their Beyond Real Records on Lafayette and Wes Jackson had his 7 Heads Records on Hancock. This was that good grassroots indie Brooklyn Hip Hop Community, without the digitally enhanced culture we’re in now. PH dropped that sick dope-ass 12 inch A & B side record produced by What?What? (aka Jean Grae aka RunRunShaw) called “Dynamic” /”It’s Over” and had the radio & clubs buzzing crazy then the remix dropped.

PH got back into the battling arena and helped form new companies and crews such as Red Army, OBS (Original Blunted Squad with Meat Pie & Bad Seed), Brooklyn Academy (with Block McCloud & Mr. Metaphor), Skeme Team, The Plague, MCMI, Team Homi, while dropping LP’s with loved ones, never on no political BS! I’ve included more links from AmbrosiaForHeads and other sites on PH’s passing and I still can’t believe I’m typing and posting this…smh.

Rest in Paradise my Brotha PH!!!!!!!

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