Posted by: thundaworld | January 27, 2015

K-Def Interview with DJ Emmo Ogun (Podcast)

dj emmo ogun and k-def for TGTV ( EMMO OGUN INTRVS K-DEF COVER

DJ Emmo Ogun of ThundaGround did an exclusive interview with the legendary K-Def so please enjoy.

When we arrived in Passaic, New Jersey back in 2005, I didn’t realize that some my favorite hip-hop artists were from here. As a high-school student, each and every Saturday night/Sunday morning, right after the legendary “Awesome 2 Show” came the “Kevin Keith & The Dirty Dozen show”, then by 3am or so I stayed up further, listening to “Pirate Radio”, the pre-curser to “Future Flavas” (before they made it to Hot 97 with KRS hosting in 1994), hosted by the legendary Marley Marl, Pete Rock and this man, the one and only K-Definite aka K-Def, 1/2 of the iconic duo, K-Def & Larry O aka Real Live. Def’s responsible for hits such as Lords Of The Underground’s certified Gold debut album “Here Come The Lords” (produced singles Psycho, Funky Child, Chief Rocker, Here Come The Lords), plus many more cuts from our favorites. Since he lived right across the street from me at the time in 2009, I took the opportunity to get up with one of the Boom Bap Beat Kings of our time (ie: The Mighty 90’s) to talk about Passaic being “The Black Hole” of NJ, the industry, his Passaic group World Reknown, meeting Marley, the internet, biting, sampling, sample clearances, KRS One versus PM Dawn, his company Ghetto Man Beats, and much more. Listen below.


Intro/Lords Of The Underground – Funky Child (produced by K-Def)

Emmo Ogun Interviews K-Def

World Reknown – How Nice I Am (produced by K-Def)

Emmo Ogun Interviews K-Def (Conclusion)

Real Live (K-Def & Larry O) – Real Live Remix featuring Ghostface, Lord Tariq, Larry O, Killa Sin & Cappadona (produced by K-Def)



dj emmo ogun and k-def for TGTV COVER (www.thundaground)


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