Posted by: thundaworld | April 20, 2014

Happy Easter: The True Meaning (Article)

By Kofi & dj emmo

If you STILL think that Easter represents Jesus, Bunny Rabbits and Eggs/Candy, read on!

The children must be told the truth. Today, all we are celebrating is The Sun passing over The Equator to begin its journey back up into the northern hemisphere. That’s why it’s called The Passover. The Sun is spring-ing back to life now so we are in The Spring season, meaning The Sun is now in the constellation of Virgo.

So Easter has nothing to do with Jesus being resurrected or bunny rabbits laying colorful eggs. The Sun is actually being resurrected. They’ve clearly turned science and nature into a joke, literally, while adding colorful ways to further continue this era of unhealthy living. The rabbits, eggs, candy and sweets aka sugar, better known as the cause and initiation of so many diseases, has become a huge part of our culture (way of life), hence the sicknesses and diseases we are facing TODAY! On top of that, you’re spending your hard earned mula (money) on it.

Lets keep finding creative and expressive ways to get back to reality, without feeling angry, depressed or sad ;)

Happy True Easter to ALL!


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