Posted by: thundaworld | January 22, 2014

PHOTO RE-CAP: Saigon’s “One Man” Showcase + Shabaam’s Saadiq’s “It’s ALIVE” Showcase (Photos)

Last week on Wednesday the 15th, I hit up 3 different very dope events back to back on some–soon I won’t have time to do stuff like this anymore, so I better take advantage while I can, sh!T!

Here’s the photo re-cap from HoodLifeMovement‘s bangin’ event featuring Saigon and other crazy talented artists who opened up at The Pyramid. Super shouts out to Vin Vinyl, Terrell Blair, Miss Knockout, Team Incredible, Explore Talent, J.A.G. Music, N.Y.S.O.M. Productions and some fresh opening artists such as: Ty Blizzy Black (she’s needed for real), O Oak, LQ The King, Young H, Mr. Vargas, DY The Don & of course Abandoned Nation’s very own Saigon.

Up the block from Pyramid was the 2nd showcase I attended for the night over at Lit Lounge, where Shabaam Saadiq’s “It’s Alive” showcase went down once again. It was packed with a bunch of underground legends like The Jaz (Jaz-O), A.L. Skillz, Punchline, Vordul Mega (Cannibal Ox), Double AB (Crimson Code), Rack Lo (Lo Lifes), Spit Gemz, Boom & Vs Verbal (Bucktown USA), Innocent? (T.H.E.M.), Ghetto MC, DJ Ready Cee, DJ Mocha Sunflower (cheers to the new baby boy), Apani, and plenty others. Marvial Entertainment’s own Shabaam aka S-Dub aka Double S and T.H.E.M. Recordings’ Mic Handz hosted the night and rocked their own sets with ease as usual. I was caught off guard when I saw Saaqid’s other brother Black Sun, str8 outta the Sinister Voices family (they don’t know about dat tho).

The 3rd and final event we hit that night was in my hometown of Brooklyn to check The Queen of The 45’s DJ Natasha Diggs (Mobile Mondays) & D-Nice (Q-Tip was missing) over at this spot I forgot the name. I saw Mazzi up in there dancing as he always does. Fools who run that nameless venue don’t allow photos or anything to be taken in there so no pics except for Mazzi’s (I took it with a temporary phone I had that day) but everyone already knows what Mazzalot looks like lol.

Stay tuned for the video and enjoy these pics for now at our gallery below.

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  1. I attended the Saigon showcase and it was Lit…Abandoned Nation Salute!!!

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