Posted by: thundaworld | December 15, 2013

Show & Prove 2013 (Photo Re-Cap Part 1)

show and prove 2k13 (

I’m about 6 months late posting these wonderful photos of this year’s Show & Prove, but better late than never (so happy I found my memory card before the year was up ;).

Peace to all the Gods & Earths and Seeds/Children who attended another victorious showcase held annually by The Nation of Gods & Earths in Harlem, NYC. Shouts to Brand Nubian’s Lord Jamar & Sadat X, Kasim Allah, DJ Kenny Parker, Allah Magnetic, Born Sun Raz, Father Sha, Lateef, Rashad Sun, Tru Born, Power-A-Allah, Hakiem Green, DJ Polarity, DJ Wise, and many more. Peep part 1 of the gallery below.

Part 2 will include the behind the scenes look at Kasim Allah’s most recent cut “Jive Pretenders” featuring the Brand Nubians. Footage of all the action is also on it’s way via TGDVD coming soon in 2014.

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