Posted by: thundaworld | October 27, 2013

ThundaGround Army – Angry Gods

US VS WU1_frt (

Here’s the posse cut you probably had no clue you’ve been waiting for. Out of no where comes “ANGRY GODS” off the project “US vs WU: ThundaGround Army meets Wu Tang Clan” DROPPING THIS THURSDAY ON HALLOWEEN!!!!!!!

If you’re a real Wu Tang fan, and/or a Kung Fu flick fanatic who knows your samples, you’ll quickly figure out where the essence of the production came from. 
Since Wu Tang Clan’s classic sophomore 1996 LP “Wu Tang Forever,” where The RZA rants about the state of the music industry, biters, wack/clown-ass MC’s and R&B (rap and bullshit) music, it has clearly gotten worst.
This track isn’t just a salute to the Wu, or a stuck in the 90’s tribute, but a form of expression from 8 artists who’s stepping up the responsibility in moving our hip-hop generation forward. We’re not “taking it back” but going ahead with progression.
“Angry Gods” features Gran Fortune, Espinoza, Kasim Allah, DJ Mr Phantastik, DJ Emmo Ogun, Oktober Zero, Jah Powaz & Loer Velocity. Produced by The Labrynth (Fortune & Emmo). Scratches/cuts by DJ Emmo.

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