Posted by: thundaworld | June 26, 2013

ThundaGround Army – Memorial Day Weekend at South Beach, Miami (Article/Photo Recap)

TG ONLINE MAIN_with CAJO logo_banner ( Memorial Day weekend, we went out there with an open mind about having a good time and connecting with good people. Along for the ride included Espinoza, Lady Liz, Gran Fortune, DJ Mr. Phantastik, Saratoga Migz, King David, Optometrist and myself.  Bad Habbits took a plane out there as his bday fell a day before our show. My cell got lost/stolen a few days ago at our Hot 97 showcase and was very close to bailing out of attending, since not having a phone means I have barely any duckets to survive, so I was broke and phone-less. Espinoza told me “we ain’t leaving w/o you” so we bounced Sunday morning.

It was really a testament to us and how well we’ll bond, which is a sign of the times when life tests your everything. From your patience levels to attitude levels, annoyance levels, helping one another at times, overall compassion and genuine positive or negative vibrations. We drove 20 hours to and from, took turns driving, hit the telly for a few, turnt up on the strip taking flicks with the chics, promoting the brands, got up with DJ Absolut, Floyd Mayweather, Math Hoffa and plenty others.

We also got totally tested at the show, as we finally ended up on stage at 4:30 in THE EFFIN AM! The very first sign of str8 GREEDY-BITCH-DUMB-NIGGA-SHIT was when we got to the venue and the fool who ran the event had nerve to ATTEMPT to charge me at the door. Damn right, after all we went through to get there, heads ended up partying with molly poppin’ broads upstairs playing pool with the gangstas and Trinidad James looking crack-heads up in that spot.

Even Math Hoffa got pissed off and bounced without even battling, which was just a display of how clearly disorganized and unprofessional these people were. Most of our friends, family, other people who came to see our performance left since it was a work day following Memorial Day Monday. Saratoga Migz left quietly back to the hotel room about 3:30AM before he really blacked out and we don’t need no drama, just exposure, compassion, empathy and love, which was not in this building tonight by the clowns who ran this event.

By the time we did hit that small bullshit-ass-stage, the few people left either literally woke up or gave us that “where have you guys been at all night?” look, vibe and chat following our sets. The “headliner” even got very pissed at the fact he was scheduled to go on following us…lolmao! Their shitty promotions printed a bunch of flyers with different artists who were on the bill saying it ends at 2AM and other flyers saying 4AM, boy they suck!

Gran Fortune had to catch an emergency flight back to NYC since he has normal work duties. Things got a bit more testy as our tire blew up completely on our way back somewhere in Richmond, Virginia, so shouts to the homie who helped us out in the middle of no where, in the midst of the cicada swarm attack. Shouts to those who showed love and video footage is also on it’s way.

No worries cuz we ain’t worried bout nuffffin…enjoy the photo-re-cap of our journey to South Beach, Miami, FL.

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  1. Fantastic Post, Very insightful and reflective.. Congrats Thundaground Expansion is evident!

  2. Damn, it sounds like y’all still had a gang of fun… Pics are cool, Wish I could’ve made it!!

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