Posted by: thundaworld | June 6, 2013

DJ Mr. Phantastik, Joey Bada$$ & Pro Era Perform at Hot 97 “Who Got Next?” Showcase (Photo-Recap)

Nov 20 2k12 - joey bada$$+Mr Phantastik at SOBs (www.thundaground.TV)

Time flies when you’re either very busy or having fun (ie: busy having fun or fun being busy – basically the same thing) even for us on the struggling side of things.

I originally planned on letting loose these flicks somewhere between late Nov – Dec of last year 2012, but things happen. You probably already know what happened between that time and now in June, 2k13. Lets just say a turn of events transpired and today, physically there’s a missing founding member of Joey Bada$$’s 47 member Pro Era Camp. Rest in Power Capital STEEZ!

Here’s a photo-recap of Pro Era Camp and our own DJ Mr Phantastik’s Hot 97 “Who’s Next?” Showcase on November 20th, 2012. Behind the scenes footage of exclusive clips & interviews backstage with Phantastik, DJ Miles (LinQue’s son), Pro Era and Duck Down’s Shucky Ducky also coming soon. Hilarious!!!!!!! View PHOTOS below!

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