Posted by: thundaworld | April 7, 2013

DJ C2 at WIP, NYC: Hot 97′s April Fools Jam After-Party (Photos/Review)

dj-c2-april-fools-after-party-flyer (

If you’re looking for a great night spot to hit up on a Monday night, look no further. I must have been under a rock aka my Thunda-Bubble since I never heard of this venue called WIP before last Monday, April 1st. DJ’s C2 and Mika gave me the heads up so the Japanese dynamic duo (power couple) were in the building. I had to show them my ThundaGround love as this event was the official after-party to Hot 97’s April Fools Comedy Showcase hosted by comedian Tracey Morgan.  Powered by Burn It Down/Walk This Way’s Alvon with an opening set by DJ C2 followed by Hot 97’s Bobby Trends and super producer Scram Jones.

WIP was packed with beautifully sexy ladies, comedians like Ardie Fuqua and Tracy of course, and some amazing artwork which covered the entire scenery. There was even some huge mask like face, that blinked it’s eyes and lip-synced as if it was singing the words to the tunes played all night. I try not to post any blurry photos but I said EFFit this go around, not giving a F! Enjoy the photo gallery below and I do have video clips of the night so stay tuned for that coming soon.

Shouts to DJ’s C2 and Mika, Alvon, Shiest Bubs, Smack, Ardie Fuqua, Bobby Trends, Scram Jones, L-Swift aka Swigga (whom I didn’t even notice until the lights came on lol), Shampoo, Nassart, Boo-Bees Worldwide (hence all the breast artwork) and others heads I chilled with.


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