Posted by: thundaworld | November 9, 2012

“Halloween Party” by Willy Super Cool (William DeJesus)

“Halloween Party” by Willy Super Coool is a fun and cool ode to Halloween. This is an original song written, produced and performed by William DeJesus, protected by copyright laws (2012). Willy name drops a few of his favorite scary movie/horror film characters and images so please feel free to hit us back with your honest feedback.

If you’re interested in booking Willy for:
LIVE SHOWS, STUDIO WORK, SONG WRITING (background singing, etc)
Phone: 718-664-4261 (call, text, leave voicemail)
Twitter: @THUNDAGROUND (follow us) (like us)
Website: WWW.THUNDAGROUND.TV (daily/each and everyday)


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