Posted by: thundaworld | November 9, 2012

Everyday Racism with The Game (Video)

Part 1, on this “Everyday Racism” segment with Ciph, Rosenberg and K. Foxx, Game gives Terry Bradshaw a pass for his “bucket of chicken” comment about Reggie Bush.

Part 2, Game sits down with the BPJ to talk about a few topics ranging from his new album cover to the fight with 40 Glocc, Kendrick Lamar and much much more.

Part 3 is after the jump so also check out the controversial new cover to Game’s LP and his fight with 40 Glocc. 

According to the docs, filed in L.A. County Superior Court, 40 says he was leaving a party, when he was jumped by Game and Game’s 15-man entourage for no reason.

Game recorded the fight on his iPhone and published the footage to YouTube — under the title, “The Game Beats Up 40 Glocc Whilst Recording on iPhone Full Video.”

In his suit, 40 says the video does NOT show the full story … claiming Game had chased after him with a gun … and shouted, “Freeze or I’ma shoot, n*gga.”
40 claims he tried to escape … but Game caught up, pointed the gun at his chest and told him not to fight back or he would “end it right now.”

In the docs, 40 says he obliged … and Game and Game’s crew proceeded to beat him mercilessly … causing major injuries to his right eye, ribs, kidneys, right shoulder and back.

Previously: Game Calls Kendrick “Our West Coast Nas” (Video)


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