Posted by: thundaworld | November 1, 2012

GQ Profiles The RZA (Article)

Alex Pappademas profiles The RZA for GQ in anticipation of his new film, The Man With The Iron Fists, which hits theaters tomorrow. They talk about his obsession with Kung Fu flicks, the early days of The Wu and the group’s eventual break-up, his film lessons with Tarantino, moving away from production and much more.

“Music is a fucking habit,” he insists. “I play piano every night. I love hip-hop.”

But lately, he admits, he’s been “cleaning out his machines”—giving away big chunks of his library of unheard beats. He’s given stuff to Kanye, to Nas, to Busta, to Ludacris, to “some unknown artists you wouldn’t know of.” He has more material than he could ever finish and release on his own; he has other things to focus on.

Read the full piece here.

Previously: RZA Explains the Origins of Wu-Tang Clan to Funkmaster Flex x The RZA on GGN w/ Snoop (Video)


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