Posted by: thundaworld | October 20, 2012

Kendrick Lamar Listening Party At Chung King Studio (Article/Photos)

In the beginning I had a bad feeling about this event we attended Tuesday, September, 18th at the legendary Chung King Studio, NYC.

It was the album listening party for Dr. Dre’s newest protege and Aftermath’s latest signee Kendrick Lamar. His new album “Good Kid In A Baad City” drops on October 22nd, 2012, and marks the 1st full project to be released from his home team label Top Dawg Entertainment (TDE)’s joint venture deal with Interscope Records. His partner Ab-Soul was in the cut with them sunglasses as usual while the entire room was clouded with that goodie good Mary Jane. Wish I could have indulged (like the last TDE event at Vinny’s Bklyn, NYC.), but remember, I’m on a break until further notice.

I was hesitant about leaving @the beginning simply b/c of the bad weather. There were talks about heavy storms and even tornado watches throughout the tri-state area. That Chic Crissy asked me to handle cameraman duties+photos so I’m a man of my word, most of the times. She drove all the way from CT, so she was also weary to come. Not to mention, Interscope invited about 800 attendees with the venue capacity of 100 people. Never the less, we both decided to join in the festivities to witness the sounds of Lamar’s latest offering along with the rest of the soak and wet music industry. All you saw outside the spot were hundreds of wet journalists, wet DJ’s and wet everything else.

When we finally entered the building, they had nerve to only play 4 song/snippets of the album. Before that, they demanded that all cameras, phones, or other recording devices be shut off immediately or our equipment would be confiscated. Kendrick was on the other side of the glass booth and totally out of reach from us, the media/DJ’s. He had on an “L.A.” cap while being surrounded by big wig industry executives. So all that trouble to get there to not interview the man of the night? Great! Check out them photos I took too and see how I barely got any good shots of Lamar through that glass. If anyone tried to take my camera aka blood sweat and more sweat, I’m not making any threats lol. Ab-Soul was out in the trenches with us, just as he was a few weeks back at Vinnies, Bklyn.

Out of the 4 tracks they previewed, I felt the Q-Tip produced song the most. It had that 2-Thousand-Twele Tribe Called Quest feel to it. The Lady Gaga track brought a different feel too and don’t really remember the other 2.

The best part of the night was actually when everyone left. No, we did not get to interview the untouchable and unapproachable Lamar, as he vanished immediately following them 4 songs. Instead, we got footage of the man behind the legendary studio, John “Chung” King!

As I continued taking some flicks, and Crissy was politicking with The Hood Legend, DJ Kool Kid, longtime industry promoter extrodinaire, General, of It’s Done Marketing, started chatting with Chung King. The conversation turned into a laid back, natural interview by asking “Crazy Man” King about his experiences of working with the many artists, talents and geniuses that graced the studio over the years. Enjoy the flicks below and be on the lookout for the footage/interview with John Chung King coming soon.

Shouts to Crissy, General & It’s Done Marketing, John “Chung” King, Naomi, CeeCee, I-Truth, King George, DJ RP Beats, DJ Kool Kid, Tribe NYC, J. Murphy, B. Chantz, Shadow, Dee, Laura, entire Interscope staff, Gregory of Page 31, Ab-Soul of Black Hippy/TDE and everyone else who we saw at the event. Nuff Respect do!

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