Posted by: thundaworld | October 20, 2012

Black Hippy and TDE Meet & Greet Party at Vinny Styles Brooklyn (Article/Photos)

Chief Keef missed his flight (thank God), so Interscope Records brought in TDE’s (Top Dog Entertainment’s) West Coast icons Jay Rock, Ab-Soul and Schoolboy Q (aka 3/4 of Black Hippy). Their superstar Aftermath/TDE brethren Kendrick Lamar was missing in action, but the attendees were still very excited and amplified to see the trio in full effect.

The listening session was originally for Chi-town’s youngster Keef, so his wack tunes were playing in the background before the TDE crew came outta nowhere. It was a breath of fresh weed air in my opinion, since I’m into quality hip hop music w/o a doubt. Not to mention, as soon as they stepped in the spot, all you saw (and smelled) was that goodie good Mary Jane. Ab-Soul, Jay Rock + Schoolboy Q personally greeted the crowd while walking around, showing love, giving pounds, giving hugs, shaking hands, taking pics, while blowing clouds of smoke on some chill vibe!

Thanks to my homegyrl, That Chic Crissy, for giving me the heads up on this event, which was held at Brooklyn’s Vinny Styles around my way on Flatbush Avenue. We caught up with our close ThundaGround DJ partners DJ C2 + DJ Mika (the Japanese 1, 2 Punch DJ couple who spins all over NYC). Also thanks to General, who I haven’t seen in at least 10 years or so, chilling in the place to be w/his grey mohawk. We also ran into Shadow & Dee (formerly of Koch/EOne Records) now at Interscope, along with Laura (with her fine cute self).

Shouts out to another homie I haven’t seen in years Frantz aka DJ Spliff (formerly of Def Jam) now a top music consultant, who showed up with R&B crooner Bobby Valentino. Bobby V wasn’t at all in work mode as the sexy women had him str8 mesmerized, like he hadn’t seen a phat ass in years LOLmao.

Nuff respects also to Heineken of True Stories Radio/, who’s off the hook hilarious, Superstar Jay and DJ Will of The Union DJ’s, Scienz and his Queen, DJ Flyy Grl, the Dynamic Duo cuties who appeared to be with the TDE crew (not sure) and plenty other beautiful people who were in the building. Rock On! 

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