Posted by: thundaworld | October 3, 2012

Rest In Paradise: Melody Amour

Espinoza and Melody Amour

Don’t ever think that b/c this site wasn’t accessible to the public, I’m slacking! Never have and neva will. While backing up past posts and entries for the new revamped version of this site, coming soon, I went through a lot on the personal and business side of things. We been in hiatus since September 12, but we’re back.

In August (just after celebrating the 1st year anniversary of this site), I got evicted from my apartment! On the same day “they” locked me out of my rented space, I was at an orientation for a new day time job over at Party Rental LTD. I’m still getting used to doing the dirty grunt work (lifting, carrying, pushing, pulling, hauling w/my bad back) all throughout the tri-state area. In places where even the security guards look at us like, “I’d hate to be him right now,” making a whopping 8.20 an hour. While on a delivery, I ran into a worker from another company and told him how much I made, then he asked “an hour?” When I first asked how much I was making and my supervisor answered me, I replied and said “yeah I thought I come in @6:45” LOLmao! Well, like they usually say, “it’s a job!”

I’ve still managed to attend a few events so expect some new exclusive video content, photographs at our gallery, and interviews coming soon.

On a more serious note, last Tuesday, September 25th, we physically lost one of our most loving, caring and supporting artists, that we worked with closely. Songstress/Singer/Song-Writer/MC Melody “Amour” Espinoza, wife of The War Family/Rebel Activist, Espinoza of Tawagga Records, passed away. Health complications from Lupus as well as heart conditions caused her to leave us at the age of 39 years young. Lupus also took the lives of my sister Catherine (aka C.A.J.O.) in 1995 and one of our favorite producers/MC’s Jay Dee (aka J Dilla) of Slum Village in 2006.

Lupus is definitely a silent killer since many people still aren’t familiar or aware of this disease, while many more to this day suffer from it.  The passing of Melody Amour was a huge lost for us as a whole. She constantly and regularly supported every single thing we did on such a consistent basis, studio wise, event-wise and never gave up on us no matter what. From the Optimus Foundation event days, to our World Music Wednesday monthly events, and all of our ThundaGround happenings, she was always there in guidance. Her voice was (and is) as beautiful as her smile and she never wasted it on senselessness when using and sharing it with us. Melody mothered 5 beautiful children and sang rhyme & blues, reggae and hip hop music, which channeled against world oppression and usually found a way to uplift us with her words.

Melody and her husband Espinoza, just completed her brand new album Written In Stone, which will be released on their family independent label TA-WAG-GA Records in very near future, so we here at TGTV will keep you updated on the release date. Watch her latest visual “Illusions,” which is just another example of what I mean, as she sang about true freedom. The last time I saw her was in late July/early August, when I did the 1st installment of a new interview series, yet old TG idea called “ThundaGround: Men In The Kitchen.” This is where I interviewed her husband Espinoza, who I first told about this idea a few years back. We were in their household in Brownsville, Brooklyn, where he shared his recipe for Sea Moss, right in the comfort of their peaceful kitchen. Melody’s warm hospitable presence was felt, like always, making me feel at home as always. Melody’s Home Going took place yesterday in Brooklyn and her burial was this morning. I kissed Melody on the forehead as I paid my last respects to her in person. Rest In Paradise & Rest In Purity Melody “Amour” Espinoza. Salute.

Previously: Melody Amour – Illusions (Video) | Related: Espinoza – FREE MAN TESTING 1,2,3 (Video)

Espinoza – BMF Remix (RBG Salute) (Video) | DJ Emmo feat. Espinoza, E:REG & Bobby Stone – M.V.G. (Video)


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