Posted by: thundaworld | October 3, 2012

Busta Rhymes Talks Leaders Breakup, The Loss of Infant Son x Biggie Smalls Giving Away Copies of Ready to Die (Video)

The Conglomerate gives us insight into the break-up of his first group Leaders of the New School and the lost of his infant son while going through their drama. He also spoke on reuniting with his former partners and how he survived as a solo artists post L.O.N.S. plus gives us insight on the classic verse of “Come On Down” with the God Big Daddy Kane. Busta adds on how Kane told him to go back in the booth to let off his infamous Dungeon Dragon “Raow raow.”

Click at the jump as Busta speaks on Biggie handing out free copies of Ready To Die in Bklyn during it’s release.

“I watched Biggie give away Ready To Die…dubbing the album on a double cassette deck and had a line in front of his crib on St. James like he was selling the best coke ever.”

Previously: Busta Rhymes Talk About The Time 2Pac Dissed A Tribe Called Quest (Video)


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