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R.I.P. Chris Lighty by DJ Emmo (Article/News)

R.I.P. Chris Lighty by dj emmo

As if my week wasn’t already going as horrid as it can possibly be, Chris Lighty has been found fatally shot at his home in NYC.

All the sources say it was self inflicted too. Why would the greatest hip hop manager of all time shoot himself? From an argument with his wife? They say suicide has to be the most selfish thing to do. Those who do this to themselves to me are considered the highest level of selfishness. They don’t take the time to think about the pain and hurt it causes their most beloved ones. Even outsiders such as myself feel the agony and negative vibration, and so will many more all around the world.

Again, this really puts such a stamp on my unlucky week as if it was a bad letter written just for me. This is horrifying, shocking news to me, the entire hip hop culture and music community. Lighty was one of the many people I always wanted to do an exclusive interview with. Didn’t care if it was by phone, audio only, video, text words for the people to read, didn’t matter, as long as it happened. That’s just another dream which unfortunately will never happen in this lifetime physically.

Many know Chris Lighty as this huge music mogul, but for me, I go way back when he was the 4th member of one of my favorite hip hop groups, a trio by the name of The Jungle Brothers. This was a blessed time and era to be a hip hop student, listener, fan and participant.  The JB’s were the founders of the Native Tongue Crew, alongside De La Soul and A Tribe Called Quest.

Sometimes, as a young’n, I thought he was the backup DJ for the trio. Mike G and Afrika, were obviously the MC’s, while DJ Sammy B aka Uncle Sam, held down the turntables. As children, watching them on Video Music Box, we were very unaware of what “Baby Chris” was actually contributing to the group. Who’s that guy and what’s his role of the group? Is what I would ask. What we were actually witnessing right in front of our eyes, was a baby music mogul in the works, as his role was simply The JB’s road manager.

During this very venture with The JB’s is where he learned the in’s and out’s of what the music industry was all about. Aside from being “a student of Kool DJ Red Alert” he’s say himself very often, he led a Bronx crew called The Violators. That name was much like The Zulu Nation crew, led by Bambaataa, which quickly became a brand and staple of the culture. The Violator brand turned itself into an independent record label and artist management company. The icon and legendary Kool DJ Red Alert, was definitely the heart and soul of this movement, as well as the BDP and Native Tongue eras. But what many didn’t know until probably now, is that Baby Chris was the mind, body and spirit of Violator.

From managing The Jungle Brothers and Red Alert, his went onto to managing Q-Tip, Busta Rhymes (obviously the last 2 original Native Tongue members that’s still currently on the Violator roster of artists), LL Cool J, Mobb Deep, Fat Joe (his debut LP marked the 1st Violator record to come out as an indie major label), The Beatnuts (the 2nd), Missy Elliot, 50 Cent, Noreaga, Rah Digga, Diddy, Mariah Carey and the list goes on and on. Who didn’t they manage is a better question.

Lighty’s Violator Management was one of those top notch power companies that always picked up the hottest stars on the rise and whenever those artists fell off (as far as buzz, sales, the charts, etc.), so did they. One thing I always loved to see and hear, were that his siblings, the Lighty brothers, were also apart of the Violator empire. Dave Lighty ended up as a key executive over at Jive, while Jon Lighty handled more of the tour bookings for Violator artists.

This saddens me to speak of Chris Lighty in past tense terms but what’s done is done. There’s so much more that I’m totally unaware of, as this man’s history and legacy runs too deep. How did all this greatness of a man end up such a tragedy? (ie: Jam Master Jay or Keithy E. The GURU of Gangstarr) Who knows?! All I have to say at this point is “Rest In Purity,” he’ll never be forgotten. You can also check his official website at Chris while you’re at it.

Via the NYDN:

Hip-hop mogul Chris Lighty died Thursday morning after apparently shooting himself in the head in his Bronx apartment, sources told the Daily News.

Lighty, 44 — a longtime manager of 50 Cent, Diddy, Ja Rule and Mariah Carey — was found dead inside his South Riverdale apartment about 11:30 a.m., police sources said.

It appeared he died from a bullet to his head, sources said. A gun was recovered next to his body.
Law enforcement sources said Lighty — who divorced his wife, Veronica, last year — may have been dealing with financial struggles, including owing about $5 million to the IRS.

RIP Chris Lighty. Today, we lost a hip-hop hero and one of its greatest architects…

R I P Chris Lighty SMH to the mongrels that have made the BLACKmusic industry a depressing game to drag such good cats into a pit of bullsht

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