Posted by: thundaworld | August 24, 2012


For starters, I am not a fan of Lil Wayne. But Lil Wayne has a right to say what the fuck he feels. I guess Wayne is salty about that bullshit gun charge he got. If he kept his gun in the South, he wouldn’t have a charge. But ignorance of the law is no excuse. Unfortunately, Senator Malcolm Smith is the POLITICALLY CORRECT police, and can’t stand someone who speaks their mind.
Instead of Sen. Smith grand-standing at Times Square to appease mindless youthful hip hop stans to buy his load of bullshit, he needs to address the issues that affect people in this city. How come Sen. Smith didn’t hold a press conference after the shooting fiasco at the Rutger game a few weeks ago or the shooting of an innocent child in the Bronx? He should demand these bottom-feeding rapists & gang scum to apologize to the rape victims and to the shooting victims for the destruction they have caused. How come he isn’t pushing laws to get tough on these bottom-feeding, wasted germs that have destroyed our communities? How come he doesn’t criticize “Mubarak” Bloomberg for his illegal stop & frisk practices? Which is outright racist. How come he doesn’t try to assist his fellow colleagues in the District of Criminals on how to better the economy and get Americans back to work????
But this joker wants to have his latest photo-op to attack an entertainer for saying he “I don’t like NEW YORK.” Who gives a fuck if the man dislikes NY Shitty. People are trying to leave this city anyway, with high crime rates, a psychotic police force, outrageous taxes, the insane rent and a fascist mayor to boot. This fool is acting like Lil Wayne is the John Rocker of Hip Hop. “AMERICA…I WANT YOU TO THINK ABOUT THIS WHEN YOU VOTE IN NOVEMBER.”
I am pretty sure Malcolm Smith will not be receiving my vote. I refuse to vote for a politician who wants to start some media beef with rappers. I don’t care if he kisses your babies and he hates the drug laws. This just goes to show you how these gutless buckdancing scallywags in the formerly United States really get down.  They never want to discuss the real issues.  GO FIGURE!! WATCH VIDEO AND READ MORE HERE.
The American dream has turned into a draconian nightmare!!Sincere

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