Posted by: thundaworld | August 23, 2012

Busta Rhymes Talks to Angie on Lil Wayne vs. NYC, Nicki Minaj vs. Rosenberg (Video/Article)

During an interview with Angie, Busta offers his opinions on both Lil Wayne’s recent comments about New York and the Nicki/Rosenberg dispute.

Truthfully, I care not, as to what Lil Wayne said. I myself don’t like NY (and I’m from here, born and raised) neither do I like NJ (which I’m here most of the time nowadays). You can’t smoke or have marijuana, among other things, and they treat you just like a drug dealer for selling copied cd’s and dvd’s since they’re are illegal also, but that’s just an opinion. It’s a love and hate thing with me. LOLmao…but so serious!

Weezy will eventually explain himself later on, but in the meantime it’s like if you’re in a relationship with someone. Things go great and things go bad sometimes. We’ll always be quick to point out the negative qualities that a person has b/c the bad things are sooo easy to remember and they tend to stick out (like  a hard on, females only). Take that movie by Tyler Perry “Why Did I Get Married? (Part 2).” When Jill Scotts’s crazy hating ex-husband got time alone with her and started reminiscing of all the good times they had, she break him down, shedding light of the  horror during their gruesome relationship. Why? Because it really stood out!

Of course Wayne loves NYC. I dropped a street mixtape called “LOVE is HATE” a while ago (not online, just for the physical supporters) and that was my drift! Nuff Said!

Anyhoo (shouts to Big Mama), here’s a clip where Busta tells Peter he needs to apologize.

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