Posted by: thundaworld | August 22, 2012

Meek Mill – Dreams & Nightmares Tour Vlog #2 (Video)

Wow, Meek Mill donates $20 grand to a dare-devil biker who broke his back while racing on a dirt bike! Meek just met the dude too in this clip so now they’re asking us to donate another $20 stacks since the surgery costs $40K. It’s very true what Mill said about clowns making it rain in the club and not helping others in need like he just did, but why this guy? So homie can break his neck next time? There’s soooooo many people who can use that money who’re in severe crappy conditions, health and poverty-wise, none self-inflected. Just sayin’ !

Meanwhile, Bow Wow and Drama take turns in back of Meek for a ride…lol. Then their boy does a wheelie while holding a fruit tray. I notice none of them wearing helmets either. Hopefully they won’t end up worst that that broke back guy asking for donations. Amazing!

Previously: Meek Mill and Kevin Hart Backstage @ House Of Blues (Video)


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