Posted by: thundaworld | August 5, 2012

AMAZING: 65 Year Old CA Woman Shoots + Fights Off FIVE Armed Savages (Video/Article)

By DJ Sincere, edited by dj emmo (as always, even though not indicated in all of our articles)

Score 1 for the good guys for once. 5 scallywags were trying to rob a store with guns. A brave 65 year old woman shoots a few rounds to scare the creeps and they ran for their lives. If this woman lived in the police state of NYC, she would probably be arrested for defending herself by the NYPD. Same lame orders from Mao Se Bloomberg, who is a constitutional hater. How come the useless American media refuse to report on how gun owners can actually protect their property and lives from bottom-feeding creatures? I can answer that, it would destroy their myth that less guns = less crime and only gov’t/police are “responsible” & “trustworthy.”

If anyone believes that, then I have a working ColecoVision (video game system of the 80’s) to sell you. History has shown us that is DEFINITELY NOT the case. (ie: WACO, AMADOU DIALLO, ELEANOR BUMPERS, SEAN BELL, RUBY RIDGE, FRED HAMPTON, OKLAHOMA CITY BOMBING & we can go on and on, ETC.)  Ever since the tragic false flag (lone gunman) Colorado shootings, Americans are buying guns at an alarming rate. Just see for yourself. Many out here aren’t buying our gov’t lies anymore. THIS IS NOT1963 IN WHICH AMERICANS BOUGHT THE WHOLE OSWALD (lone gunman) WHO SHOT KENNEDY BULLSHIT OR DR. KING KILLED BY JAMES EARL RAY NONSENSE, BULL CRAP. Thumbs up for liberty, and the TRUTH.

The American dream has turned into a draconian nightmare!!


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