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Mic V – Bomb (Prod. De FROiZ)

Mic V - All's Well Ends Tragic EP Artwork

Here’s a new track by Passaic New Jersey’s own Mic V with “Bomb” off his upcoming debut EP “All’s Well, Ends Tragic” dropping this Xmas.

Peep the EP cover above.

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TOMORROW: ThundaGround Summer (Open Mic/Showcase)

TG summer flyer 6-28-14

eleggua N ogun bday party 2k14 at sutra flyer

War Casino feat. Redman – Tengo Eso (Work Flow) coming soon!

buc & alc ft dj emmo - metals advocate FRONT


DJ Emmo resurrects and compiles Buc Fifty’s (formerly Bucwheed of The Wascals) earlier catalog of bangers dating back around the late 90’s early 00’s. These were during the great days while we did college radio at WUSB 90.1 FM as “The Eminent Audio Show”, an extension of “The Basement Show” on Saturday nights/Sunday mornings from 12am-6AM. I remember calling the contact # in back of 1 of them Battle Axe 12 inches and spoke to either Al or his brother Neil, still not sure to this day. Anyway, these Buc 50 cuts were recorded with his buddy Alchemist while Al used his trusty ASR-10 keyboard sampler and attended school at NYU. Back then Alc was a young Soul Assasin making a name for himself as a producer following the short success as 1/2 of Cypress Hill’s young prodigy duo named The Wholigans with actor Scott Caan. After years of BUC & ALC working and while we as fans waited, Buc’s official Battle Axe LP “Bad Man” featured zero Alchemist production, a disappointment to many who seen them both grow & develop together from day one. Just another one of MANY examples of young artists/mc’s/producers, who shoulda coulda woulda, but never seen light to drop a full body of work as an official LP. In the beginning their 12 inch game was thoroughly tough though, dropping underground classics strickly on vinyl via DJ Muggs’ Soul Assasins indie label then later on Battle Axe Records and compilations.

Well with all that said, imagine if they dropped an LP, it’ll probably sound sorta like this. Our ThundaWorld allows us to escape within the positive imaginary dimensions of no ego, so it’s all about the music, now let it play.

Track-list and download link below.

buc & alc ft dj emmo - metals advocate BACK

Download: BUC & ALC – Metal’s Advocate (Mixtape)

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Happy Easter: The True Meaning (Article)

By Kofi & dj emmo

If you STILL think that Easter represents Jesus, Bunny Rabbits and Eggs/Candy, read on!

The children must be told the truth. Today, all we are celebrating is The Sun passing over The Equator to begin its journey back up into the northern hemisphere. That’s why it’s called The Passover. The Sun is spring-ing back to life now so we are in The Spring season, meaning The Sun is now in the constellation of Virgo.

So Easter has nothing to do with Jesus being resurrected or bunny rabbits laying colorful eggs. The Sun is actually being resurrected. They’ve clearly turned science and nature into a joke, literally, while adding colorful ways to further continue this era of unhealthy living. The rabbits, eggs, candy and sweets aka sugar, better known as the cause and initiation of so many diseases, has become a huge part of our culture (way of life), hence the sicknesses and diseases we are facing TODAY! On top of that, you’re spending your hard earned mula (money) on it.

Lets keep finding creative and expressive ways to get back to reality, without feeling angry, depressed or sad ;)

Happy True Easter to ALL!

Here’s a TGTV ( recap of Ace Lover’s entire set during The Classic 90’s Hip-Hop Revival showcase presented by @MCMIreport. Shot and edited by C. Frazier for @ThundaGround.

While Royal Flush had his Queens fellas in the building during @MCMIreport’s showcase, TGTV ( recaps Capone rockin’ out to CNN’s “Yall Don’t Wanna Fuc With Us.” Shot and edited by C. Frazier for @ThundaGround.

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Tragedy & Capone (CNN) Perform T.O.N.Y. Live (Video)

Another #TGTV http://www.ThundaGround.TV RECAP from the Classic 90’s Revival Showcase presented by @MCMIreport and brought to you by @ThundaGround. Royal Flush brought his fellow Queens to the stage like Tragedy Khadafi and one of Trag’s protege’s, Capone of CNN, who also announced a new CNN album dropping this Summer he says.

The Intelligent Hoodlum, known now as Tragedy Khadafi performs his classic (originally featuring Nas & N.O.R.E.) “Calm Down” Live at SRB, Brooklyn during Royal Flush’s set for MCMI’s Classic 90’s Revival Showcase. It was such an pleasure to see him and Big Skramz (his original young dancer) back together again. Shot and edited by C. Frazier for http://www.ThundaGround.TV + + Instagram/Twitter: @THUNDAGROUND @MCMIreport @TragedyKhadafi

Immediately following the “Fuck Puffy” statement, Rampage performs his classic track “Wild For The Night” Live at SRB, Brooklyn during Royal Flush’s set for MCMI’s Classic 90’s Revival Showcase. Shot and edited by C. Frazier for http://www.ThundaGround.TV + + Instagram/Twitter: @THUNDAGROUND @MCMIreport @TheRealRampage

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